Have A Heart

I know you men don’t like to go to the doctor. It’s inconvenient, can be expensive, and from what I understand, sometimes a literal pain in the ass. But women deal with speculums and mammograms, so suck it up! It’s your life and your loved ones hanging in the balance.

Middle age is a strange thing these days. Even though I’ll be 45 in about a week, I still mostly think of myself as an 18-year-old. I don’t always realize that I’m at an age where my body is starting to rebel. And then I notice the pain in my left knee on long runs, and this rosacea that’s cropped up on my face, the night sweats so bad I have to change clothes in the middle of the night, and this stye that’s suddenly cropped up on my right eye. My body is sending unmistakeable signals that I’m not as young as I think I am.

In the past two weeks, two men I went to school with died suddenly from unexpected heart attacks. 45 is way too young to die. I’m sure they didn’t feel middle-aged either. So please, please, for me and for everyone else who loves you, go to your doctor for a check-up. Or at the very least, go stick your arm in the blood pressure machine at CVS. We need you all around for a long, long time!


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2 responses to “Have A Heart”

  1. Chocolate Covered Race Medals says :

    Love this advice — for everyone not just “middle aged men” 😉

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