What’s Good – Thunderbird

Seven-years old. Riding to church in the back of Daddy’s pointy, green Thunderbird. Itchy in a flowered polyester dress with my sweaty legs chafing against the green vinyl seat.  White, lace cuffed socks on inside-out in my black, patent-leather Mary Janes to avoid the maddening feel of seams rubbing my toes. The bright, warm rays of autumn sunshine strobing through the trees as we speed down the road make me sneeze. Daddy slides the power window down an inch and the cool air streams in along with the comforting smell of his cigarette.  I examine the carton of Pall Malls on the seat next to me, intrigued by the mysterious royalty of the lions and knight on the logo.  I try on Daddy’s hard hat and experiment to see how hard I can hit myself in the head. I am warm, and I am safe and I am happy. Life is good.

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One response to “What’s Good – Thunderbird”

  1. Peggy lovelongdrives says :

    Nice visual, and yet I am drawn to the socks inside out. I still wear them that way today! Love it

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