Sir, I Only Look Like A Duck…


I had a ticket today to help someone set up their laptop to show a presentation on a projector in one of our conference rooms. I showed up and it was the guy from the outside company who’s been doing our company’s information sessions for Open Enrollment. I had helped him get set up a few weeks ago and also attended one of his sessions.

I waited patiently while he answered someone’s question from the previous session and then walked up to tell him I was there to help him with his AV set-up. He looked at me and said, “Aren’t you…” and I replied, “Yes, I was here a few weeks ago. I’m from the AV department.” “Oh, thank goodness you came back,” he replied! “I researched your question about your domestic partnership benefits as soon as I got back to my office.”

I stood there flummoxed, and in a remarkably Seinfeldian moment, found myself too liberal and too politically correct to admit that I wasn’t a lesbian – that I was only there to help him with his laptop. So I stood politely and nodded as he explained my partner’s domestic partnership benefits in the wake of the DOMA ruling. Then I thanked him profusely and asked him if he needed any AV help.

I’ve had imaginary boyfriends before like David Ross from the Boston Red Sox, but I’ve never had an imaginary domestic partner before! But my company’s benefits are fantastic!

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2 responses to “Sir, I Only Look Like A Duck…”

  1. c larue says :

    That’s hysterical ! I guess they all look alike, hhhem….Took some grace there…that seminary school has already rubbed off !

  2. Missy Verdin-Ellerbee says :

    LMAO…. No we DO NOT ALL look alike, but this is soo funny!….I get the exact opposit where I have to swear to them that I AM a LESBIAN!

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