Only 17

Finally ran again this morning. It had been a week since my collapse into lameness. Hit it at 5am with the scheduled 17 miler. Had to throw a lot of walking in there, but I got the distance covered.

One of the things I learned when I started running long distances was that after I reach a certain level of fitness, I can maintain a pace where my heart and lungs don’t hurt like when I was a beginning runner, but after about twelve miles my legs start to hurt. Ache. Scream. And it gets particularly bad about mile 18 – crunch time in a marathon.

When your heart is pounding and you’re out of breath, walking helps you feel better. When your legs are aching, walking doesn’t help at all. In fact, nothing hurts as much during a long run as STARTING to run again after you’ve stopped to walk.

So what I’m trying to conquer mentally this time around in marathon training is ignoring the pain in my legs. If nothing’s going to help, why stop running? Just think about something else – Jesus, Janelle Monae lyrics, the comparison between the 3-4 and 4-3 defenses – anything except about pain.

I haven’t broken that brain barrier yet, but I’m working on it.

I plan to pick back up where I left off on my running plan this week and see if the week off allowed me enough rest physically and mentally to deal with the mileage. But Boo made a really good point that I needed to hear this week. There is mileage between 55 miles a week and quit. Duh. I know, right? But sometimes I really need somebody to point out that there other options and gray areas besides just the all or none that are often all I can see.

Also adding to the fun of this morning’s run was the 98% (literally) humidity. I heard something splorking and squeaking about mile 13 and finally realized it was my feet. I had sweated so much that my socks and shoes were as wet as if I’d waded through a creek.

On the bright side, running 5 miles in wet shoes and socks caused the ugly brown callus on the end of my middle toe to peel right off. #runnertoes #disgusting


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