Don’t Give Up

My friend Michael from Sunday School class killed himself on Friday. If you’ve never been depressed, you’ll never understand what a temptation suicide is. No more pain. No more sadness. No more nothingness. No more responsibilities. No more life to endure. The whole idea seems like such a relief.

I despise anyone who calls suicide cowardly. The only reason I survived my deep depression was because I wasn’t brave enough to kill myself.

What I say to you if you are in that place is that it can get better. Life can get better. If you’re thinking of killing yourself right this second, talk to someone. Call the National Sucide Prevention Hotline. If nothing else, at least wait until tomorrow. I was shocked how different I could feel inside my depression from one day to another. Don’t make an impulsive decision. See a doctor. Consider meds. Mine have saved my life and made it livable.

Know that there is hope. Know that there are people who care. Know there are kittens and sunrises and Diet Mt. Dew and Pop Tarts and warm summer rain, $7 thrift store pea coats, stars, music, dirt, graffiti, loyal dogs, fried shrimp, fuzzy blankets and gentle ocean waves that wash up on shore and kiss your toes.

Please don’t give up. I know it doesn’t feel like it now. But it won’t be like this forever.

We miss you, Michael.




National Suicide Prevention Hotline


To Write Love On Her Arms

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5 responses to “Don’t Give Up”

  1. Kelly says :

    Oh, my… I am so sorry for your loss. Your words are so powerful. I hope they reach someone in need.

  2. Kim says :

    Deanna, I’m sorry about your friend.

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