My Kittens…

…let me show them to you. I adopted Pete & Skip from Furkids at PetSmart about a month ago. They’re a bonded pair of tabby brothers. They look so much alike, down to their markings, I had to put collars on them to tell them apart. In the first picture here on adoption day, Skip is wearing the blue collar. In the rest, Skip is in the red and Pete, the blue. Skip was originally named Chutney and Pete was Mango.

They’re seven months old now. Pete is smaller, but braver and more adventurous. Skip is the big brother and watches out for Pete and he’s a little more cautious. They play fight. They groom each other. They play with toys and they eat a lot and poop a lot.

Their favorite things are their jingle bell fish on an elastic string, searching for the treats I hide for them every morning and cuddling up and holding each other to sleep.

They’re the best decision I’ve made in years.






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2 responses to “My Kittens…”

  1. Rusty Weinberg says :

    Told Ya… Kitties bring the Love and caring out of all of us..Gods gifts to us…^..^

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