20: Take 1

Don’t confuse the difficult with the impossible.”

– Me, 10/4/14

You may remember my crisis about a month into this marathon training when I had serious doubts if I was strong enough to make it through my training schedule. I took a week and didn’t run at all. I was seriously considering quitting. Then I talked it over with a friend who pointed out that even if I couldn’t run 55 miles a week (the peak of the plan), that didn’t mean I had to bail completely. I could alway pare the mileage down.

That was enough to get me back on my feet. Thanks, B!

And this week? I ran 55 miles. I couldn’t have run 55 miles back when I was thinking about quitting. But I kept following my training schedule and when it was time, I could. Such a great lesson for me that I alway forget – most great achievements are reached by many small steps and lots of determination. They don’t just happen suddenly.

Sometimes I have to remember where this journey began about 15 years ago so I can realize how far I’ve come. I was 70 lbs. heavier – 210, and I could barely run 30 seconds without stopping. So many times I forget how much toughness and determination I’ve shown. And I forget that all that toughness and determination that brought me this far is still inside me.

So in that same vein, I ran my first 20 miler of this training plan this morning. I ran it all without stopping in 3:37:02 at a 10:51 pace – comfortably faster than my goal pace. My legs didn’t even hurt much. That’s new for me on such a long run – proof that I’m getting stronger!

I’m generally pretty hard on myself. I’m usually self-critical and think of all the ways I could’ve been better. But after this run, I walked in the door to my building and thought to myself, “Good job.”

20 miles
151 avg heart rate


  1. 10:24
  2. 10:55
  3. 11:03
  4. 11:10
  5. 11:17
  6. 10:59
  7. 10:42
  8. 10:49
  9. 10:51
  10. 10:42
  11. 10:50
  12. 10:53
  13. 10:51
  14. 11:01
  15. 10:51
  16. 10:51
  17. 11:02
  18. 11:07
  19. 10:39
  20. 10:05

*Total weekly miles: 55
Total time run: 10:05:29
Total calories burned: 5921

*These stats shall serve as my apology to everyone I’ve turned down to go anywhere over the last month and everyone who hasn’t has a text returned by me after 7:30pm. I run in the mornings before work. Five days a week I’m up around 4 or 5a, so I’m sleeping every spare moment, even during my lunch hour and usually by 7:30 and 8:30p every night! The calorie stat shall serve as my justification for having eight different kinds of bread in the house – not counting the GU and the MetRx bars and the Clif Bars and the Goldfish and the pretzels and the oatmeal and the Pop Tarts…

Compare to Last Week

Weeks to Savannah Rock n’ Roll Marathon: 5

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3 responses to “20: Take 1”

  1. Thomas Jones says :

    Great job! Love the aphorism.

  2. Kelly says :

    *bows at your feet*

    Rock on!!

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