A Frozen Gender Construct


“Frozen: Disney On Ice” is in town. For a couple of days now, there have been hundreds of little girls dressed exactly like this buzzing around my downtown office complex and the adjoining arena.

First, I’m annoyed by the conformity girls have already learned by this age; and second by the blatant Disney merchandising, marketing and consumerism behind the whole thing.

I can’t help but wonder if the on-screen Disney princesses were instead, Disney Amazon warriors or baseball players or construction workers, would little girls dress like that instead?

I know it’s not an original question, but it just drives me crazy when we push girls into gender roles so early in their lives!

This is precisely why we wind up with so many women who, for 50 years of their lives, feel it’s more important to walk around every day in “pretty” shoes that hurt, than it is to go out into the world respecting our own bodies more than we respect others’ perceptions of them.

Comfortable shoes for all!


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