Links of the Week – October 17, 2014

‘This Impromptu Dance’: Geoffrey Holder’s Son Tells One More Story

F No Sexist Costumes

Heartwarming Friendship Of A 5-Year-Old Girl With Autism And Her Therapy Cat

Nathan Deal’s Administration Defends “Water Kills The Ebola Virus” Remark

Anthrax With Public Enemy – Bring The Noise

Gendered Clothing: Why This Woman’s Hat Says ‘Boy’ On It

“Saturday Night Live”: For Only 39 Cents, You Can Barely Help A Starving African Village

Star Trek Sterling Phaser Necklace

PostSecret: “When I Run…”

Records Chronicle How Ebola Kills

Tee Fury: Wednesday Feast

Lil Bub Gets Rubbed

Trading B.J.: Seattle

Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Spends OutKast Concert Sobbing Bitterly

Parrot Missing For Years Returns Speaking Spanish

Rosetta Self-Portrait 10 Miles From A Comet

The Republicans’ 404 Page Is A Hillary Clinton Joke

Think You Drink A Lot? This Chart Will Tell You.

Last Week’s Lunar Eclipse Seen From Mercury

The Umbrellas Of Broad Street On A Rainy Morning In Atlanta

Michelle Obama’s “Turn Down For What” Vine

How A Total Lunar Eclipse Saved Christopher Columbus

Alison Krauss – Tonight I’ll Be Lonely Too

TCM’s Halloween 24 Hours Of Horror

The Beatles – Eleanor Rigby

The Beatles Cartoon – Eleanor Rigby

Why You Need To Stop Accepting Conditional Love

How To Lead Worship From The Sound Board


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