Links of the Week (The I Love Joe Maddon Edition) – November 5, 2014


* A Shot And A Beer: Joe Maddon’s Best Quotes From His Introductory Cubs Press Conference

* They’re Already Cashing In On Joe Maddon In Chicago

* Joe Maddon Was Once Ejected For Telling An Umpire He Loved Him

* Joe Maddon Tumblr

* Five Things The Cubs Can Expect From New Manager Joe Maddon

* Is The “Be A Man” Stereotype Hurting Boys?

* Masculinity, Mental Illness And Guns

* Technology In The Classroom Is Not A Panacea

* Cassini Sees Sunny Seas On Titan  – (WOW!)

* The Truth About Launching Spaceships

* The Importance Of Recognizing Real Love

* Happy Halloween: Actual PhDs Respond To Amazon’s “Women’s Sexy PhD” Costume And It Is A Treat

* We Are All Confident Idiots – (My Favorite Read In A Long Time)

* This Is What Happens When Women Reject Men Online

* The 85 Funniest Tweets Of All Time

* Desserts For Dudes: Pecan Chewies

* Tiny Crocheted Bunny (And Other Squees!) – ❤ ❤ ❤

* Ferrero Rocher Cake

* Gordie Howe Update: “Recovering At A Remarkable Rate”

* Brittney Griner Cut In Knife Attack

* 90 Year Old Florida Man Arrested For Feeding The Homeless – (If Jesus does come back, he is going to be PISSED!)


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