Saint Mark Daily Advent Devotional – December 3, 2014

by James Bemberg

Scripture: 2nd Peter3:10

 As a child I remember my nightly prayer of “Now I lay me down to sleep…” and that God would keep my soul safe.

Perhaps this was a safe way for my parents to ensure that I would sleep restfully and not worry that a thief would come into my room.  But now, as a child no longer but as a “silver fox,” the years have taught me to be ever vigilant in my preparedness for meeting my Savior at any time, any place, during the day or the night.

This Advent season should be a time of anticipation, appreciation and jubilation at the coming of our Savior. How have we prepared for his coming?  What gifts have we gathered for his arrival?  Does He ask that we bring gold, myrrh or frankincense?

No, our Savior asks only that we prepare a place for Him in our lives, that we stand ready to be called up to Him at any moment.  Have we really prepared by giving our time, our talents, and our tithes?  Have we been kind to our fellow beings?  Have we looked at ourselves to see how others see our good works? Are we ready for this “thief in the night” who comes to take away our sin, who comes for us to take us to a place whereby we become part of His glorious kingdom?

I think perhaps if I have done my due diligence it should be during this Advent Season for me to say a new prayer:

Prayer: “Now I lay me down to sleep for my Lord and Savior to take my soul when He is ready, as a welcomed “thief in the night.”

Saint Mark United Methodist Church


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