Saint Mark Daily Advent Devotional – December 9, 2014

by Kale Wright

Scripture: Psalm 33:1-3

Years ago, an experience related to me by a minister friend made a huge impact on my life. He’d been part of a public debate regarding spirituality and sexuality. The minister with whom he was debating challenged his claim to salvation. In a condescending tone, the man, who didn’t think gays and lesbians could be Christians, said, “What do you think God will say to you when you stand before Him on Judgment Day?” After pausing to ponder the question, my new friend replied with contentment, “I think God will ask me, ‘Did you sing the song I gave you?’ As long as I can answer ‘Yes,’ I know I’ll be OK.”

Over the years, I’ve shared this story with many people who felt that they were outside the reach of God’s love simply because of how that same God made them. When I ask if they can sing the song God gave them, sometimes I see peace come across their face as they realize the author of their song is none other than God the Creator. Other times I see the look of a child, who knows the question she’s been asked is one she should know, but she can’t quite remember where she learned it. Those people are still being called to co-create “a new song,” to sing in praise to God. When the Psalmist encourages you to “invent your own new song,” it’s not a solo adventure you’re being called into. It’s an exhortation to be one with the God who gives us each a unique song, one which you alone can sing with “a trumpet fanfare” to thank God for God’s wondrous love and care. Before God asks you if you sang the song you were given, let me ask you: Have you “invented” your song in collaboration with the greatest musician you’ll ever meet? When you find your song, sing it proudly. If you do, I promise that your life will never be the same.

Prayer: God, help us to sing our song, with you and for you. Amen.

Saint Mark United Methodist Church


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