Saint Mark Daily Advent Devotional – December 14, 2014

by Carolyn Bibb

Scripture: John 1: 6-8

Watching.  Waiting.  Preparing.  These words are frequently used during Advent, but what meaning do they have in your life?  I am a “J” (Judger) on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator which, if you are familiar with it, tells you that I prefer closure and decision making to open-endedness.   I prefer planning and structure to a “go with the flow” or “wait and see” approach.  So watching and waiting?  I’m not really very good at either of those and the “J” in me thinks thorough planning can render those skills unnecessary.  Now, preparing? I’m down with that one!

The more “play it by ear” type on the MBTI is a “P” (Perceiver) and wouldn’t you know that I share my home and life with one!   Susan handles the unexpected better than I do and often resists the finality of a firm decision.  Watching and waiting come more easily to her.  Preparing? Not so much. We face the regular challenge of stepping outside our respective comfort zones to utilize flexibility (my challenge) and decisiveness (her challenge) and keep our lives balanced and happy, minimizing the frustration that might occur when our styles clash too much.

Watching.  Waiting.  Preparing.  They may not come easily to many of us.  God invites us to take a fresh look at those words this Advent season.  Watch.  You might find Christ in some surprising places.  Wait.  God is in control of the timing.  Prepare.  When Christ comes, let your heart be ready to receive Him!

Prayer:  As I watch for Christ, help me be a witness to the light and to see His light illuminate new paths. Amen.

Saint Mark United Methodist Church


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