Saint Mark Daily Lenten Devotional – March 2, 2015

by Kale Wright

Scripture: “You already have all you need. You already have more access to God than you can handle.” I Corinthians 4:8a (MSG)

Many TV shows, movies, and comedy routines focused on the President of the United States have included a child boasting “My daddy has the nuclear launch codes, so don’t make me mad!” Other times, it’s a sibling or spouse with, “My husband is the leader of the free world, so when I say no mayonnaise, I mean NO MAYONNAISE!” It’s good for a laugh, but inside we think “Yeah, right” because even the President has to consider Congress and approval ratings. Even the mighty Commander-in-Chief has limitations and ramifications. Still, wouldn’t it be great knowing we could walk up to the single most powerful person in the world whenever we want and say, “Dad / Honey / Sis, I need you to …”? An audience with the President would be great, but what if it was every day and what others call “breakfast?”

Paul’s admonishment jumped out at me: “Uhm, HELLO? Don’t you know your Parent is more powerful than the President, can act without ANYONE’S approval, and ALWAYS does what’s best for you?” No Congress. No approval ratings. Forget nuclear codes – my Mom controls LIGHTNING! That’s awesome sauce right there!

Several friends have confided that they’re questioning whether God exists. Sometimes I, too, feel like I call up God and get, “The number you’ve reached, A-B-B-A, is no longer in service…” Is it possible that God’s doing precisely what I need done, but I’m too blinded by what I WANT done to see it? Rather than trying to figure out how to find God, what if I realized I already have “more access than I can handle,” said what I wanted, and trusted it to be done in the way that benefits me most? Perhaps what I fear as absence is really just silence while I grow.

Prayer: Father and Mother God, when I feel like I’m knocking on Heaven’s door and no one is answering, please help me realize I’m knocking from the inside. Amen.

Saint Mark United Methodist Church


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