Saint Mark Daily Lenten Devotional – March 12, 2015

by Jason Henderson

ScripturePsalm 126

During Lent we remember Jesus’ ascent into Jerusalem, His sacrifice, and His victory. Psalm 126 is a song of ascents.  It is a psalm reminding us of liberation and blessings. The period of captivity is over and life seems like a dream. Joy and laughter have replaced sadness and tears.  

How do we handle life’s challenges and trials? God’s first words were, “Let there be light.”  This was not a one-time proclamation of creation. God is still bringing light to those in darkness. When the light has returned to our lives, do we focus on the hurt and weakness of the past or are we able to celebrate our present blessings? We should live in this light and joy so that others will say, “The LORD has done great things for them.”  

I love to hike. Ascending a mountain can be arduous and tiring but the reward of standing at the peak is worth all of the sweat and struggles. I love the view from the top because it helps me get a different perspective on where I have been and where I am going. I can see the majesty of creation and I feel peace knowing that I am a part of that creation.

Prayer: Loving Creator, you bring light into our lives. May we see that light and share it with others. Bless our tears so that they will one day bring forth sheaths of joy. Jesus has ascended above it all. Help us to follow in the ways that lead to life eternal.  Amen.

Saint Mark United Methodist Church


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