King Of Pain

HANK: Luanne, sometimes life throws you a curve ball. Now there’s two ways you can deal with it. You can cry — and that’s the path you’ve chosen — or you can not cry.

LUANNE: How do you not cry?

HANK: Well, instead of letting it out, try holding it in. Every time you have a feeling, just stick it into a little pit inside your stomach and never let it out.

LUANNE (trying it): Are you supposed to have a pain under your rib?

HANK: Yes. That’s natural. The body doesn’t want to swallow its emotions. But now you go ahead and put that pain inside your stomach too.

LUANNE: I think it’s workin’, Uncle Hank. I feel sick, but not sad.

– King of the Hill, “Luanne’s Saga”

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One response to “King Of Pain”

  1. Thomas Jones says :

    Haha. I have to admit to liking this program. Hank, the neo-stoic, fueled by propane. 🙂

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