Dreaming Of Going Pro


Literally every night for the last two weeks I’ve dreamed that I and another woman or two have broken down the sex barrier in baseball and made a professional  team. Every dream is different. The settings are different. The teams are different. The people are different. Each dream also usually includes a man I know from real life, who isn’t a baseball player in the waking world, but in the dream is also on the team with me.

Last night’s dream had me trying out for the Cincinnati Reds as a catcher. This is the first time in the dreams that I wasn’t sure I was going to make it through final cuts and actually make the team. Andy, who I worked with for a week last year on a youth retreat to Hinton Rural Life Center, was clearly going to be the starting catcher.

I usually have a softball dream or two this time of the year, a dream that I’m late for a game and stuff keeps happening to keep me from getting there. Stuff like needing to put in my contacts, but they’re the size of breast implants. Or I’m lost. Or a flood happens.

Softball season is imprinted in my brain after all this time, even though I haven’t played in six years. But I don’t remember having any baseball dreams before. And I’ve never had a dream that has recurred every night for weeks.

I wonder what this is all about. My brain is full of mysteries!

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23 responses to “Dreaming Of Going Pro”

  1. dmcco01 says :

    Last night I dreamed that I met a shot putter in recovery in South Africa. He was bad news, but I figured I could make him OK with my love. There was also a youth football football tournament going on while we were there.

  2. dmcco01 says :

    Last night I dreamed I was on a football team and got left behind after an out-of-town game. I was having trouble finding a way to get home.

  3. dmcco01 says :

    Late for softball

  4. dmcco01 says :

    Forget to show up to run sound at church (My other recurring dream…)

  5. dmcco01 says :

    Went on vacation with my mom and at a historical site, had to explain to a teenager from Prattville, AL that using the n-word showed people that you were trashy and low-rent.

  6. dmcco01 says :

    Softball. Also, work nightmare where the new room we’re rolling out today for the big editorial meeting suddenly didn’t work. Of course the room was full of people and I was crying, “It worked yesterday! it really did! I don’t know what went wrong!”

  7. dmcco01 says :

    Dreamed I had agreed to move to Chicago with a black female friend (who wasn’t anybody I know from the waking world) to help her take care of her child. At the last minute I backed out, knowing that’d I’d be leaving everything I loved behind here in Atlanta.

  8. dmcco01 says :

    In a hotel room alone (this is becoming a recurring theme). Pack up and head home but when I get to Atlanta the southbound MARTA tracks were gone. Had to go north three stops to the Marietta station (which doesn’t really exist) so I could catch a southbound train that could get me home. Lost my bags. Found my bags. Lost my cap. Gave up.

  9. dmcco01 says :

    Help my mom host a high-level party for the Asian foreign dignitaries who have moved in across the street from her. (In the podunk part of Douglasville, GA….) We invite a bunch of people from CNNi at work, because who else do we know with ANY knowledge of anything foreign. I get to spend lots of time with my CNNi crush!

    • dmcco01 says :

      Also dreamed that I found out that someone I was with, unbeknownst to him, was about to drop dead at any moment. At first, I didn’t want to be around him, because I didn’t want to see when it happened. But then I decided to sit and talk with him. What do you say to somebody you know is about to die, without telling him that he’s about to die?

  10. dmcco01 says :

    Snuck in my friend Alan’s house to change clothes. When I came back out, my car was gone from the driveway. I walked up and down the road trying to find my car.

  11. dmcco01 says :

    Something about ice skating.

    Something about my car falling to pieces.

    Going on a group trip. Rode to our rendezvous point with my friend Angel. But when we all met there, I had to find a ride with someone else to our destination. I couldn’t find a ride.

  12. dmcco01 says :

    The recurring dream that I’m late to run sound at church. There’s other equipment everywhere when I get there and it’s so dark in the giant sound booth I can’t see the board. Also, in this dream, the President of CNN is also there playing the mandolin.

    • dmcco01 says :

      Also a separate dream that I forgot to tell the other guy that runs sound at church that I can’t do the 11:00 service that day. I’m standing in the sanctuary trying to decide what to do.

  13. dmcco01 says :

    Something about being in a mall with a group of women trying to find the food court. Then I running in a road race and Boo came running up behind me making jokes. I wasn’t even worried about him. Later I was on a transit system kind of train and we had to escape the car we were in by going through those doors between the cars. It was scary!

  14. dmcco01 says :

    Post-apocalypse, 1950s, a group of us are gathered in a downtown building wearing our dresses and suits. We’re excited because we’re getting some kind of communication. The men figure out that it’s a woman signaling us from 410 Peachtree St. So we all set out down the street to find her. As we walk down the narrow building steps, the women in their heels, I think, “Well, maybe this will be when women realize they need to start wearing more sensible shoes.”

    As we walk through the viaducts, a man and I discuss good post-apocalyptic books we’ve read. I talk about the book I read about us and how we’re lucky, because in the book there are zombies.

    In a second dream, I’m at my mom’s, and Boo’s out working in the front yard. But Boo has long, jet black, scraggly hair in a ponytail. Very redneck. (In the dream last night, his hair was long and black too. In real life, his hair is white and he’s got that hair around the edges, mostly bald in the middle thing going on.) Anyway, I’m happy to see him, but really disconcerted by how he looks. Then he starts telling me about hanging out at his friends’ house the night before and how they were shooting up their garage because they were practicing to rob the First National Bank. He thought this was funny. And I was SO disappointed because I had to accept that he just wasn’t the man I thought he was when I fell in love with him. (Go subconscious!)

    On the bright-side, we were watching as bulldozers were beginning to tear down the house next to my mom’s. These are the neighbors who are always blowing things up and shooting guns. This was when Boo started telling me about his friends shooting up their garage.


    For once, these dreams make total sense. The two things I’m wrestling with the most: how to dress and Boo.

    • dmcco01 says :

      And after I went back to sleep I dreamed that to try and bypass the traffic on Memorial Dr., I turned left to try and find a way around. DeKalb County had decided to put all the middle schools for the county in the same little area in Stone Mountain in a maze of roads. I got hopelessly lost and figured it would be faster to ride a bike instead. (Being lost is becoming a common dream theme.)

      Eventually,(and I’m not sure if this was part of the same dream or not) but I wound up at a house where a bunch of guys were doing work. After they were finished they wanted me to give them some money to tide them over until they really got paid. I didn’t have any money and I wound up pointing a gun at them.

  15. dmcco01 says :

    Something about being in Virginia Highlands and searching through a convenience store for something.

    Then dreamed we were at my mom’s for Christmas. My mom and grandmother were in the kitchen cooking breakfast when I hear my grandmother say she doesn’t feel well. She needs to go lie down. My mother is trying to roll her down the hall in a rolling office chair. I look out of my bedroom at this and it’s clear my grandmother’s fixing to die. My brother gets her to the bedroom.

    Meanwhile, I’m getting dressed for Christmas and somehow I wind up wearing black tights and a red plaid Christmas dress. I’m not pleased, but I go with it. I’m stressed, so I’m really looking forward to going outside for my morning cigarette. Annoyed when my mom only has Diet Coke in cans, not bottles. Scavenge around the kitchen looking for a coozie.

  16. dmcco01 says :

    I dreamed that the pasta salad I made for Easter needs more salt. Really. (And it probably does.)

  17. dmcco01 says :

    I was working for the Obama administration and following him on all his travels.

    At some point I took a vacation to spend some time at Camp Sparrowwood, but when I got there, my friend Seth told me it was the last day. I figured since I had the time off, I go home and spend some time with my cats. But then I realized I’d been so busy I couldn’t remember where I’d left them. I was so scared and sad!

  18. dmcco01 says :

    My tae kwan do master was coaching my hockey team, but it became clear pretty quickly that he didn’t know anything about hockey, so it quit.

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