Saint Mark Daily Lenten Devotional – March 20, 2015

by Noe Barrera-Disler

Scripture1 Corinthians 12:27-31 & 13:1-3

According to a popular story, a great orchestra had gathered to rehearse with the celebrated conductor, Sir Michael Costa. As the music reached a crescendo, every instrument was being played – except for one. Distracted, the piccolo player had momentarily lost his place on the page of music. He hoped his instrument wouldn’t be missed. Suddenly, Costa brought down his arm and silenced the orchestra. “Where’s the piccolo?” he inquired. To a skilled conductor, every part of the system is crucial, even those that may seem less important.

That is the point being made by Paul in this passage. Paul observed that, even though Christ’s body, just like the orchestra, was comprised of many members, it was, as one human body is, still ONE body. He wanted to ensure that every follower of Christ felt important and was assured that his/her contribution was crucial. Everybody is important because we are all part of the body of Christ. 

While we may wish that we (or others) were different, the bottom line is that God created each of us just as he wanted us to be, and calls upon each of us to faithfully serve according to our unique calling and gifts. Instead of giving something up during Lent, take the time to examine and determine what abilities and aptitudes we have that can be used in serving Our Lord. 

1 Corinthian 13: 1-3 ties into the previous chapter very well. Love is the greatest gift of all. Don’t expect fireworks to go off as you show and grow in love. But do expect lives to begin to grow and heal and change – that’s the pay-off.

Prayer: Giver of good and perfect gifts, we bow before You and offer our thanks.  You know what is best for the body of Christ and us.  Make us a spiritual people.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen!

Saint Mark United Methodist Church


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