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Rage R Us

There are no socially acceptable ways to physically express rage and anger. If you’re a woman, you push it all down inside and keep smiling sweetly. If you’re a man, maybe you punch something and break your hand. The main ways we deal with unexpressed anger are by mistreating others or ourselves. How many black out drunks, acts of physical or verbal domestic abuse, cuts, purges, lines of blow, or whatever, are just attempts to numb misplaced rage?

My million dollar idea is to open a place where people can pay to physically rage without hurting themselves, anyone else, or going to jail.

How therapeutic would it be to be able to pay for a private, noise-proof room where you could choose to throw things, or break dishes, or scream, or crush things with a baseball bat or punch something substantial, or cry, or cuss, or kick things? It would be so healthy, insurance should cover it!

(And if you want to see how screwed up society’s view of female rage is, check out the Google images for the search terms “woman angry,” “woman violent” or “woman punches.” Can we not even own our anger as women? Does it always have to be portrayed as weak and victimized, or cute and sexy?)


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