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Dreaming Of Going Pro


Literally every night for the last two weeks I’ve dreamed that I and another woman or two have broken down the sex barrier in baseball and made a professional  team. Every dream is different. The settings are different. The teams are different. The people are different. Each dream also usually includes a man I know from real life, who isn’t a baseball player in the waking world, but in the dream is also on the team with me.

Last night’s dream had me trying out for the Cincinnati Reds as a catcher. This is the first time in the dreams that I wasn’t sure I was going to make it through final cuts and actually make the team. Andy, who I worked with for a week last year on a youth retreat to Hinton Rural Life Center, was clearly going to be the starting catcher.

I usually have a softball dream or two this time of the year, a dream that I’m late for a game and stuff keeps happening to keep me from getting there. Stuff like needing to put in my contacts, but they’re the size of breast implants. Or I’m lost. Or a flood happens.

Softball season is imprinted in my brain after all this time, even though I haven’t played in six years. But I don’t remember having any baseball dreams before. And I’ve never had a dream that has recurred every night for weeks.

I wonder what this is all about. My brain is full of mysteries!

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