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Links of the Week – April 3, 2015

* Shatner Pays Tribute To Nimoy

* Takei Calls For Boycott

* Astros Unveil The Eat-On-The-Go Chicken And Waffle Cone

* We Need A Middle Class President

* 5 Charts That Show How The Middle Class Is Disappearing

* Can We Guess What Your Reading Habits Say About Your Love Life? – (Mine was FRIGHTENINGLY correct.)
* How Old Do You Actually Act? – (I got 5-years-old. *sigh*)

* Angry Little Garden Gnome

* What My Zodiac Sign Says About Me – (Again, correct.)

* “I Thought I Was Bipolar” Shirt – (Need)

* PostSecret: Jazz Hands

* PostSecret: I Feel Like A Hostage


* Monkey Meets Puppies For The First Time, Wants To Snuggle Them As Badly As Anyone Else – (Ow! My heart just exploded!)

* Tim Cook: Pro-Discrimination ‘Religious Freedom’ Laws Are Dangerous

* Moist Chocolate Cupcakes with Ganache Filling – (Proof that God loves us. He’d love me more if he’d magic these to my house.)

* The Problem With Cars And Self-Absorption

* The Spirit Of Atlanta: A Quest For Context Of 1920’s Atlanta – (Awesome old pictures of the city!)

* The Scandal Of A Crucified God (A Good Friday Reflection)

* The Importance Of Doubt (A Holy Saturday Reflection)

* When The Right To Discriminate Collides With The Rites Of Holy Week

* The Right’s Made Up God: How Bigots Created A White Supremacist Jesus

* How ‘One Nation’ Didn’t Become ‘Under God’ Until The 50s Religious Revival – (My favorite read of the week!)

* You Don’t Have To Go To Work On Opening Day Because The Brewers Wrote You An Excuse Note

* Watch Guys Attempt To Explain How Periods Work – (Hysterical. And a little sad. 🙂 )

* What The Hell Is That Tribble Doing?

* Rape Suspect Had Burns At Court Appearance – (I would get on a plane right now, given the opportunity, and go to Ohio and beat this fucker to death with my double wall Miken. PLEASE let me do it!)

* Transgender Elders Show Us The Meaning Of Survival

* ‘Child Abuse’ For A Girl To Dress Like A Boy? – (Sigh…)

* Man Thinking About Just Packing Up And Making Exact Same Mistakes Someplace Far Away

* What To Do When You Hate Yourself

* Me On My Future Plans

* How I’m Going To End Up

* Sex Doesn’t Sell…

* It’s All About Falling In Love With Yourself…

* The Girl Who Struck Out Babe Ruth And Lou Gehrig

* Girls Baseball Team Wins Championship At Boys’ Tournament – (Not just a little local tournament, a USSSA NATIONAL tournament!)

* Menswear Dog: The Most Stylish Dog In The World – (THIS! Blog of the Week!!!)


“And when she is done, she will head for town, center, she will board the first bus she sees. Find a seat by a window, ride to the end of town.

And then? She stops. She does not know. She has not thought this part through. But it occurs to her then she can just keep on riding. It is possible, yes. She will just stay on the bus and ride. To some other place, some other town. She will look for it out all the windows. And when she sees it at last, she will know.”

Some Other Town, Elizabeth Collison

“Death will get us all. Moreover, astrophysicists tell us, even the earth and the solar system will one day be destroyed as the sun explodes in its dying gasp. On a more finite level, life is filled with threats to our existence: accidents, disease, violence, unemployment, poverty. Life easily looks threatening.

If we do see reality this way, how will we respond to life? In a word, defensively. We will seek to build systems of security and self-protection to fend off the hostile powers as long as possible.”

The Heart of Christianity, Marcus J. Borg

“It’s less embarrassing for people to think I look stupid when I intentionally look like a boy, than for them to think I look stupid when I’m trying my best to actually look like a woman.”

Deanna Dennis

“I am also learning how to feel. I’m learning that it can be safe to experience emotions. Running away – literally and figuratively – only temporarily removed me from the pain I was feeling. In order to exercise in a healthy way, I had to learn how to feel without searching for a way to self-destruct. It’s been a massive struggle to learn to accept myself. I’ve had to work to believe that I am OK exactly the way that I am, that nothing needs to be ‘beaten’ out of me.”

– Kenzi Rome, http://twloha.com/blog/making-my-workouts-work-me

“[L]ook more closely at the hard things in life: They’re trying to tell you something if you’ll listen.”

Tomboy, Liz Prince


Links of the Week – October 31, 2014

Paddy Power Sets Odds Of Luis Suarez Biting Real Madrid Defender During Barcelona Debut

No Excuses: 10 Things Good Men Will Never Do

The Whiteness Project

Why Conservatives Prefer Propaganda To Reality

Curt Schilling Not Hiding His Scars

Sean Casey Found A Great Way To Kill Time Between Game 1 And Game 2 At Kauffman Stadium

One Simple Way To Know He’s Serious About You

Python Has Virgin Birth At Kentucky Zoo

Polar Bear Fingerless Gloves – (Daaaaawwwwww!)

Becky Hammon’s Incredible Journey From Rapid City To The NBA

“You Are My Sunshine” Stacking Cuff Bracelets

After Sunday Service, Georgia Churches Get Souls To The Polls

7 Things The Middle Class Can’t Afford Anymore

New Hitting Coach Seitzer Discusses His Approach – (JOY!)

A Hidden Camera Reveals How Women Are Constantly Harassed On The Street

Emory Hospital Shares Lessons Learned On Ebola Care

“Adopt A Tribble” T-Shirt – (LOVE!!!)

Someone Is Not Happy Being A Cat For Halloween

The Perfect Reason To Come In Late

Three Ways To Cope With A Bad Race

Where To Focus Your Attention When Running

Food Pyramids For Runners

* Coffee Cake Muffins For Two

* Mason Jar Pies For Two – (So cute!)

* Oh My God. This Kitten Is Named LeVar Purrton. !!!!-MUST SEE-!!!!

* Boys

* When Will Men Stop The Catcalls

* Pee-Wee Is Officially Returning For Another Big Adventure – (SQUEEEEEEEEEE!)

* Star Trek Ugly Dolls – ❤

* Antidepressant Can’t Believe It’s Expected To Fix This Mess All On Its Own

* Man’s Heart Stops As Speaker Asks Audience To Turn To Person Next To Them

* The Cancellation Of Honey Boo Boo Is A Missed Opportunity

* Why Do People Cut Themselves?

* Why Do People Cut Themselves? – Part 2

* The Top 7 Self-Sabotaging Behaviors

* Some Protect The Ego By Working On Their Excuses Early