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Links of the Week – December 26, 2014



* Boston Red Sox BamVino Bottle Holder

* Douglasville’s Elana Meyers Taylor Wins In Calgary

* Growing Up Gender-Nonconforming Amid Scolding, Awkward Silences

* NORAD’s Santa Tracker Began With A Typo And A Good Sport

* 23 Of The Cutest Things That Have Ever Happened On Tumblr

* Bobsled History: Elana Meyers Taylor To Compete In Four-Man Event – (First women to compete in this event – EVER!)

* A List Of Pope Francis’ 15 “Ailments Of The Curia” – (Go on with your bad self, Pope!)

* Religion’s Smart People Problem: The Shaky Intellectual Foundations Of Absolute Faith – (I wrestle mightily with this…)

* Why So Many Rich Americans Think They’re Middle-Class

* Patrick Stewart And Jonathan Frakes Can’t Hold It Together

* Star Trek Book Of Opposites – (Why didn’t I get this for Christmas???)

* Stay Single And Proud This Holiday Season – (THIS! 😀 )

* What’s Gender Got To Do With It: Is Recovery Different For Women? – (I’ve been debating this with some evangelists recently. This gets it right.)

* C Is For This Awesome Cookie Monster Christmas – (You gotta see this!)

* Katie Hnida’s Historic Football Story Not A Fairy Tale

* Seasonal Depression Kicks In Just In Time To Numb Woman Before Holiday With Family – (Perfect! 😀 )

* Avoiding Family Conflict During The Holiday Season – (The Onion nails it!)

* How To Navigate The Holidays Alone – (Aaaaaand The Onion writes my life…)

* Space Cat Shower Curtain

* Lumpy Space Princess Shower Curtain

* Jesus Died For Your Sims T-Shirt – (Amazing!)

* Magic Middles Chocolate-Filled Cookie Recipe

* Pierzynski At Least A Colorful Braves Addition – (Oh, great…)

* Gingerbread Enterprise – (For Mason…)

* Dr. Who Paper Snowflake Patterns – (Allons y!)

* The Department Of Unexpected Interspecies Friendship – ❤ ❤ ❤

* Obama Breaks Cardinal Presidential Rule By Donning Tiara

* Social Justice Kittens

* Baddest Mother Ever: Fartbuster’s Worst Fear – (Blog Post of the Week)

Links Of The Week – October 24, 2014

Playing Sports May Be The Secret To Women’s Career Success

What Happened To The Dell Dude?

How The Most Successful People Poop At Work

Why You Shouldn’t Give Up On Love

People On Death Row Should Choose The Endless Breadsticks From Olive Garden As Their Last Meal

Mini Pumpkin Cheesecakes With Gingersnap Crust

Transgender Student At Metro Atlanta High Elected To Homecoming Court

What The Dying Really Regret

Where’s The Empathy For Ebola’s African Victims?

Blue LED Firefly Hanging Mason Jar

When I’m Out To Dinner…

Hello Kitty Satchel Purse (Daaaawwwwww!)

Is Your Boss Making You Sick?

Braves’ Catcher In ’15: Bethancourt, Gattis- Or Both?

NASA Mars Orbiters Study Comet Flyby

Drunk J. Crew !!!!-Must See-!!!!

Saturday Mornings With Kids Versus Saturday Mornings Without Kids

Media Stumped On How To Handle Missing Mixed-Race Woman

Pope Francis: ‘God Is Not Afraid Of New Things’

Man Now Too Exhausted To Repress Both Anger And Sadness

Wakulla Springs Lodge (I need to stay here!)

Rejected Peanuts Specials !!!!-Must See-!!!!

More Cities Are Making It Illegal To Hand Out Food To The Homeless

Key & Peele: Obama Meet And Greet !!!!-Must See-!!!!

How To Prevent Fear Of Failure In Athletes

Complex Carbs

I Don’t Want You To Save The World !!!!-Must See-!!!!

Cats Playing Hungry Hungry Hippos

Keep Your Head Up: Being Unappreciated Doesn’t Mean You’re Broken

Mikky Ekko – “Smile”