Saint Mark Daily Advent Devotional – December 27, 2014

by Kate Morrison

Scripture:  Proverbs 8:22-30

This year our advent devotional theme is My Soul Magnifies the Lord.  As I was reading through Proverbs 8, the passage listed above, trying to find something to write about for our devotional, I was struck by the fact that often my soul magnifies the Lord after something great has happened in my life.  Perhaps God has answered a prayer of mine in a big way. Perhaps God just helped me make it through another week of my seminary classes (and actually understanding the material).  Far too often, thinking about God and specifically magnifying God in anyway comes as an afterthought to all of the other things going on in my life.

In our Proverbs 8 passage, we read of a person who, in many academic circles, is referred to as “Woman Wisdom.”  She has been with God from the beginning, walking hand in hand with God and rejoicing with God all of the time.  Oh how I wish I could be more like Woman Wisdom.  How I wish I could remember to always rejoice and give praise to God for all of the wonderful things God has done in my life.  For just as Woman Wisdom was created by God so very long ago, I truly believe that from the beginning, God has delighted in God’s handiwork, especially in humankind.

So this Advent, as we are welcoming and excited to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, let us remember to delight in the Lord. Let us remember to give thanks to God for being with us from the beginning of time.  Let our souls truly come to magnify and worship the Lord.

Prayer: Dear God, we worship and give you all praise on this wonderful day.  Thank you for being with us and loving us since the beginning of time.  You are truly awesome and great, and we love you.  Amen.

Saint Mark United Methodist Church


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