Now Make This Into A Life


How do you add together all the things you love and turn it into a life?

And then, how do you subtract the things you hate from that and turn it into a life you can afford to live?


I Love

* Outdoors
* Hiking
* Theology
* Helping People
* Running Sound
* Eating
* Writing
* Being Funny
* Animals
* Baseball

I Hate

* Offices
* Bosses
* Schedules

Maybe I can be a Christian comedian playing to wild animals and lugging my own PA. I could be a baseball writer who hangs out in the press box eating a lot of hot dogs. I could help people hike to restaurants where we discuss theology. I could start a baseball league for feral cats!


2 responses to “Now Make This Into A Life”

  1. Kelly says :

    My suggestion… work at a place like Montreat. I’m sure there is a Methodist version. It’s wear the teens from church go each year for church camp. They do things for all ages, and host other conferences throughout the year. It’s in the mountains of North Carolina.

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